R on show with lots of Innovations

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2017 USE!R Conference:

Welcome plaque at 2017 Use!R Conference


1000 delegates

Youth, innovation and enthusiasm.

Updated use of tidyr  for wrangling and manipulating data.

Managing big data sets.

Spatial R packages such as sf

very useful for GIS, data display and managing 2 D

(area),line and points.

Use!R will be in Brisbane in 2018

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An agricultural scientist and statistician, with years of experience in research, development and lecturing in tertiary education. I am keen to teach the link between the scientific research question, the design and subsequent analysis and reporting. I have taught over 800 students statistics in the last couple of years and I enjoy working with life long learners using new skills. R is an amazing software that is a new paradigm for the international community of applied scientist. Statistical and data skills are essential in science. I strongly support funding for research in Africa for their scientists.