Bespoke estyle Statistical Training (BeST)

This website is the site for the BeST online Statistical Training.
BeST is Bespoke estyle Statistical Training for Africa and South Asia. It is part of a capacity building project to assist in upskilling and supporting scientists for on farm research, on station research and extension projects in Africa and other interested farming systems groups.

Scientists from East Africa, South Asia and others in agricultural development may find this site useful, as it develops into a modular online course. The focus will be to use R software with RStudio as the front end. This is an open-source, cutting edge statistical software; it can be used for designing studies, looking at data, checking data, analysing data and developing plots for publication.

It focuses on experimental design and the statistical analysis for agriculture and rural development studies. Data sets from known designs may be sent to us. We can assist in training on the analysis and interpretation and display of results.

There is currently no registration, but a short initial survey requests your details, so we can contact you. The site will be available as a resource for working through at your own pace or consulting to support within topics such as field designs, regression, anova and data analysis.

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