Our philosophy

The philosophy behind this site

There are several online sites for serious programmers and coders. There are also sites for basic statistics.

In real world applied science we need slightly more sophisticated designs and we want to understand and use it quickly with modern up-to-date software. Licences are costly and run out annually in our propriety software, Now we have worldwide access to R and R Studio. So you can study in one country, leave and work with R software when you are home or in another country.

We combine the following two aspects:

  1. Explaining statistical principles and
  2. showing the use of free statistical software.

We hope applied scientists find the site helpful.

In fact we really  want to hear from our users.    Contact us

We encourage you to become a member

We plan to send out a fortnightly newsletter by email.

Conceptually what are we aiming at is to:

  • Support scientists by providing the nexus of R software combining and integrated with design and analysis
  • We know that early career researchers often need support in the field
  • We need basic and simple instructions and accessibility
  • Crossing the digital divide, making it available for remote sites with intermittent internet
  • Scientists want to achieve results quickly, by accessing specialised support
  • Feedback is available
  • No fees, using an open source model
  • Available 24 /7