Questions we can assist with

Questions we can assist with:

Can you help me get R on my Computer?

Can I run R when my computer is off-line?
How often do I need to update R and R Studio?
How do I get my data into R?
What do I do with data that is missing?
What are the principles of experimental design?
How do I randomise a completely randomised design?
How do I randomise a two sample t test?

How do I cope with unwanted (nuisance variation) using experimental design
What is blocking and how do I design a randomised complete blocked experiment?

How can I test my data is normal?
How do I calculate a least significant difference?
How do I plot a standard error on my plot?
How do I calculate a confidence interval?
How do I check my regression model fits?

Can you help me interpret the output?

What is the consequences of using a poor or inappropriate  design ?