Some useful Resources

Some useful resources – Books and Websites

We will highlight a few books and websites that we find useful for applied scientists wanting to use R for their analysis.

Books – a few recent publications for experimental design and analysis

  1. Welham, SJ, SA Gezan, SJ Clark and A Mead. 2015. Statistical Methods in Biology: Design and Analysis of Experiments and Regression.
    CRC Press
  2. Hector, A. 2015. The New Statistics with R. Oxford University Press.
  3. Agresti, A. 2013. (3rd Ed.) Categorical Data Analysis. Wiley Interscience.
  4. Faraway, J. 2013. (2nd Ed.) Linear models with R. CRC Press.
  5. Maindonald J. and W.J. Braun. 2012. ( 3rd Ed.) Data Analysis and Graphics using R – an example based approach. Cambridge University Press
  6. Mead,R, S.G. Gilmour and A. Mead. 2012. Statistical principles for the Design of Experiments.Cambridge University Press
  7. Kuehl, R.O. 2000. (2nd Ed.) Design of Experiments:Statistical principles of Research Design and Analysis. Brooks/Coles.
  8. Kerns, G.J. 2010.  Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R  (online under GNU licence)
  9. Other freely available e materials (online under open source licences)


  1. Quick R – Simple site and searchable. Useful for review of how to use statistics using R for data entry, data types and simple analysis
  2. Quick R Site
  3. R Studio – A good site and has nice A4 ‘cheatsheets’  of commands (for more advanced users !)
  4. R Studio Cheatsheets
  5. Useful Packages and about R Packages
  6. Packages