February 2015

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Module 0 is now the first step in this course. We moved the installation of R and RStudio to this module. We encourage use of Excel for some activities such as planning the data collection, capturing the experimental design (including plot layout) and collecting and checking data.   Module 1 is a revision of basic statistics, including simple descriptive statistics, summaries of variables by using  R to have a look at your data. Module 2 will be principles of experimental design and ANOVA. I will email all my contacts this month to ensure you have this link.

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An agricultural scientist and statistician, with years of experience in research, development and lecturing in tertiary education. I am keen to teach the link between the scientific research question, the design and subsequent analysis and reporting. I have taught over 2000 students statistics in the last five years and I enjoy working with life long learners using new skills. R is an amazing software which is freely available. Statistical and data skills are essential in science.