June-July 2015

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Here I thought I would highlight a few features of R software, as we enjoy an Australian winter and a European summer.

R software is free and open source statistical software – so it is available for continuing use after a student returns home from college.  Despite this some people are reluctant as they have a perception it is ‘harder’ to learn. It may be a little slower initially, but compared to more ‘click and point’ -style statistical software there are many benefits in the long term. Read on…

This site is designed to assist and support you with a focused introduction to practically use R and in fact we will lead you through the coding, and use comments to explain the steps. You need to be organised with your data collection and often a spreadsheet (such as Excel is a good place to start). Excel skills are an almost essential skill for scientists.

So if you are a life-long learner and like the idea of using and being able to save your code and do reproducible and well documented analysis this is what we are offering and can assist with.

We will take you through some commonly used and useful designs for the agricultural sciences.

As you grow in confidence we hope you will be comfortable with extending your own knowledge too. Please contact us and ask for clarification of additional designs.