Membership now open!

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After much tinkering with the website, we are proud to announce that you can now become a member of the Bespoke e-style Statistical Training site by registering here.

This is part of our continued commitment to connect with our users and produce content that is relevant to the issues you are facing. As a member you will get notifications when we post new content and be able to comment on articles as well as send suggestions. For us your membership provides a way to further connect with our users and help with engagement, while giving us insights into the users of our site. The best part…


Yes thanks to the SIMLESA Project funding, we are able to offer this membership at no cost to you.

While we would like to know about your background as well as what your role is, this information is optional as we understand that you may not want to share that information with us yet. Also after you sign up feel free to complete a much or as little of your profile as you feel comfortable with. Ultimately we need a username, password and e-mail to get started.

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