News on the site

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We are pleased to be preparing for a launch of our site by early May.

The early feedback for our  site, and it’s usability has been very positive.

Users are looking at the site as both as a training in statistics by going through modules 0 to 3. Others are using the site as a reference site to brush up on specifics. We want to the site to be sustainable and to continue as a free resource, so we need many users and people to interact with the site.
We are planning a newsletter for members only. Remember membership is free.
We will be developing some  Advanced Topics, especially in relation to our user requests (such as mixed models). Also we will expand the FAQ, add case studies and expand the glossary in the future.
You may want to know how we are different to other sites:

  • It is available 24/7
  • We respond to your need- just contact us
  • We put design and analysis principles side by side with code
  • We are using R code and the R Studio as the IDE 
  • We integrate code, demos and videos
  • The team has experience in agricultural experimentation

IDE is the acronym for “Integrated Development Environment”