What is data wrangling?

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Every few months R brings out some new functionality. We will highlight some useful code with simple examples to help you. We realise that not all scientist are sitting in the headquarters with easy access to a statistical consultant. These pages are made for your support – either to dip in to or to download a pdf (as a demonstration)  which you can print and then step through in your own time. Most R code is very succinct – which means you achieve  a lot with a few lines of code.

Simple summary for data wrangling in tidyr. Attribution :

This site is designed for both new users and intermediate R Users. We start from loading R and R Studio on your own computer (Module 0). However maybe you have  summary data to plot? R can be very handy for manipulating a data set . What do we mean by wrangling? Well maybe you a have some columns of a variable such as a   Weight  for two treatments over time (time 1 to 6). You may have entered these in adjacent columns, and for linear models analysis or plotting  you may need them in the ‘long format’ . Rows maybe for your individual animals. You can convert the columns of time to a stacked column of weights and a column of time.  We will put up some examples.

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