Useful software and links

As part of this course we use a wide range of software, and discuss various statistical issues. In this page we will collect all the links that we use so that they are easily accessible.


R is the programming language that we will use throughout the course. To run R we need to download a distribution of the language from the following site:

For programs such as RStudio to work this distribution is needed. It comes in many versions for most popular operating systems.


R itself is a little off putting in console mode. Also as with most programming languages, it is easier to code in a Integrated Development Environment. RStudio provides this interface as well giving the ability to produce reports in Word, pdf and HTML formats and many other useful features. It can be download in for most major operating systems here:

While we focus on the standalone version of RStudio, there is also a server version that allows R to be run through a web browser and runs on a central Linux server. This allows the processing and storage of data to be performed on the same machine, thus allowing data to be consistent across various groups.


Shiny is a new exciting project from the people who brought you RStudio


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