Why choose R?

Why choose R?

When you start this course you will probably ask yourself why it uses R. The reasons are quite simple, it is an extensive package of statistical routines, that is open source (hence free), and it runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix with the same interface. It is popular in many universities as their statistical package, and is gaining more strength in industry. In fact SPSS and SAS both accept R commands.

Advantages of R
1. Open access
2. Available worldwide
3. Supported by the worldwide community of statisticians and scientists
4. Updated so cutting edge techniques
5. Scripting allows reproducible research
6. Your results can be linked in the same document as your code (auditable Results)
7. Supports reproducible research
8. Packages for a wide range of disciplines and techniques
9. Support is freely available
10. Join the awesome R user community


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